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After and during a circular breathing session it is often reported that people feel a lot of bodily awareness, a very still and calm mind, a release of emotions or stagnated energy, and a sense of freedom, love or clarity. Circular Breathing is a form of therapeutic breathwork that originated in the US in the '60ties. It is western and modern, and there a many different ways of practicing it. 

Circular breathing is a therapeutic technique, that allows you to enter into a process where that which is unconscious in you may come into the light - to be seen and felt. It enables you to be both the experiencer as the observer simultaneously. When we consciously breathe with this awareness, we make it possible to resolve, integrate and heal previously unresolved tensions or issues within ourselves. This frees up energy, bringing greater aliveness and joy, and feeling spacious in body and mind. 

The technique can be practiced during a private breathing session or with a group in a breathing circle.  Check the schedule for upcoming events. 



 Pranayama is also called Yogic Breathing, as the Pranayama exercises are part of the Yogic Philosophy, which originates from ancient India. They are focused on preparing the body and mind for meditation. Pranayama often create balance in our energetic body, promote a clear mind with high focus and concentration.  


The aim of Pranayama is spiritual development. It is part of the Yogic path and strives towards self-realisation, to discover the truth of who you are. Even though the practice is done through breathing exercises, during Pranayama we are actually focussing on Prana, our vital life energy, which is a bit more subtle than breath. Through Pranayama we can prepare the body mind for concentration and meditation. Pranayama can be practiced during a weekly class. If you like to deepen your practice and knowledge you can attend one of our breath trainings. See the schedule for upcoming events.  


Breath is life. 


It is a common fact that most people only use 30% of their breath capacity. When we breath in that way, it means we are solely engaging our neck, shoulders, collar bones and the top of our lungs. Apart from the lungs, none of these body parts were designed to breath. When we start breathing in a healthy, natural way, we incorporate our diaphragm into our breath wave (belly-breathing). We breath in and out through the nose. When we breath in this fashion, our entire body becomes a part of our breath wave, and we are constantly signalling to our brain that it can relax and that we are safe. Breath awareness of the natural breath, which is the Yin quality of breathwork, a sense of being rather than a doing, is the first step in creating a healthy, beneficial breathing pattern.  If you would like to learn more about how the breath can support you, have a look at our breath trainings

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