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Morning_Kapalabathi_and_Ujjayi_ENGNanneke Landman
00:00 / 15:44

Morning breathing practice that promotes energy and awareness. Don't practice if you are pregnant or in the first two days of your moon cycle. 

Full Yogic Breath and Connected BreathinNanneke Landman
00:00 / 22:58

A nice session containing the Full Yogic Breath and a Circular Breathing session. If you have never practiced the Circular breath before, it is recommend to start this practice together with a breath coach.  

Nadi Shodhana + Guided meditationNanneke Landman
00:00 / 14:53

This recording contains the Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana) and a short guided meditation. 

Evening_Pranayama_Breathing_Practice_NanNanneke Landman
00:00 / 16:01

Pranayama practice that can be done in the evening. It promotes relaxation and harmony. 

Evening_Relaxational_Breathing_Practice_Nanneke Landman
00:00 / 15:10

This breathing session is lovely to do in the evening right before bed. It promotes good sleep and can be done lying down on a mat or your bed!

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