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Individual Sessions


During an individual session we will focus on your specific process and themes. A circular breathing session is aimed towards the liberation of stagnated energy, which can keep you from living fully. Breathwork is all about becoming aware, as we can only transform those things that we are aware of and that the light of our consciousness can reach. Layer by layer we will work on bringing into the light that which we are ready to meet. Through the means of breath we are granted a possibility  to see, feel and transform that which might have been previously unresolved within ourselves. It creates a beautiful opportunity to integrate emotions such as sadness and anger, or any other old pain and trauma, in order to feel more spacious, joy and freedom in our everyday lives. 

There are a few contraindications for this type of breath work,  therefor we will always start the coaching sessions with an intake. To actually feel the potential of breathwork and what it can do, a minimum of 5 sessions is advised. 

The sessions are done lying on the back. Initially we will have a look at your breathing pattern and see whether it is able to flow freely or whether certain exercises are recommendable in order for the breath to become more full. 

If you have any questions or doubts whether breathwork is a good option for you, feel free to reach out. 

Breathing Circles


During a breathing circle we use the technique of Circular Breathing  to release stagnated energy, create more embodiment and experience an inner stillness and freedom. A circle is done in a group setting, where the circular breathing technique is done for about 45 minutes - 1 hour. The facilitators walk around to support and use pressure points in order to further free the breath. Usually there is powerful music involved. The circles are hosted at various locations, mostly in Yoga schools. If you would like to join a breathing circle, please check the schedule for the next one. 



21-Day Breath Immersion | Online
In this training you will uncover your true potential by using breathwork. You will learn modern- and ancient yogic breathing techniques to sharpen your awareness, evoke your inner strength and keep an engaged equanimity in all situations in life. This training is a 21 day deepdive into these techniques and into your personal life. You will explore which limiting beliefs are holding you back. You will learn how to locate and release residual stress in your body and you will learn how releasing these tensions can increase your overall vitality. 

What you will learn:

  • Learn energizing breathwork to start the day with energy and focus.

  • Learn techniques to release stress.

  • Learn techniques to sleep better.

  • Clear emotional and physical blockages through therapeutic breathwork.

  • Build a strong daily habit of breathwork and meditation to ground your personal development.

  • Learn how to integrate breathing experiences in a constructive process through journaling and inquiry. 

  • Learn to create the right set & setting to help you go deeper into your breathwork sessions.

  • Learn to use sound to release tensions during the session.


TEACHERS:             Koen Brinkgreve & Nanneke Landman


DATES:                       Currently no dates scheduled

INVESTMENT:      Currently no dates scheduled

LOCATION:            Online

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Becoming woman’ is a three day Tantric Intensive for women who long to live freely, to be fully alive. 

In this program you’ll experience that there’s no need to actively work on becoming somebody; your full womanhood will naturally flow forth if you dare to be intimate with every aspect of you, moment to moment.


The Becoming Woman program is offered every season, four times a year. This is the Winter Edition which has a slightly more contemplative character.

What are we going to explore?

  • Awareness Meditation

What sensations are present in me and how can I relate to them?

  • Breathwork

The doorway to feeling, releasing and expanding

  • Bodywork

How can I move from a place of intimate openness?

  • Touch/massage

How does my body like to be touched?

  • Working with shame, fear and anger

Befriending and releasing your shadows

  • Let your Yoni be in the lead

Listening to and revealing the desires and unmet needs of Yoni

  • Male and female qualities 

What does it mean to be a woman?

Becoming WomanOctober 14-16 2022 | Amsterdam (non-residential) 

TEACHERS:             Mirjam Maela 


DATES:                       October 14, 15, 16 | 10:00-17:00

INVESTMENT:      €425,00 Including lunch, tea, treats

LOCATION:            De meditatietuin, Amsterdam

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Chakra yoga & breath weekend | Wolfheze (residential) 
Met een gevarieerd aanbod aan yogalessen en ademtechnieken leren Hanske BrouwerEmma Haspels en Nanneke Landman je hoe je de stress uit het lichaam kunt halen om zo ruimte te maken voor een heldere blik op jezelf.
Je krijgt inzicht in wat jou stress geeft en hoe je kunt voorkomen dat die spanning zich vast gaat zetten in je lichaam. Daarnaast leer je hoe je eenmaal vastgezette spanning weer weg kunt nemen. Kortom, een weekend dat jou weer energie geeft voor hetgeen jij belangrijk vindt. 

TEACHERS:             Hanske, Emma & Nanneke 


DATES:                       No dates scheduled 

INVESTMENT:      No dates scheduled

LOCATION:             Wolfheze

Je kunt je aanmelden door een mailtje te sturen naar

Business Programs


We offer a diverse range of workshops and classes for businesses, aimed towards overall health and vitality in our place of work. 


We offer both one-of events and programs in which we focus on yoga, movement, meditation and breathwork to cultivate a healthy, conscious corporate lifestyle. Central during these programs is the maintenance and recovery of your employees physical and mental well being. We can also help to support changes in the work place and optimise collaboration. Contact us for more information. 


During a conference, guests usually need to proces a lot of information during the course of 1 day. In order to effectively listen to speeches for long periods of time, it can be very beneficial to offer short breathwork and meditation practices during the breaks. 


To ensure guests are still able to proces all the information given to them, even after 2 or 3 different speeches, it can be very beneficial to offer short practices of breathwork or meditation, in order to momentarily drop from the mind into the body and to make space for new information. This will enable everyone to stay fresh and full of inspiration, even during a full program. 

Female Basework


Pelvic Floor Yoga is a yoga and meditation practice that focusses on the entire area of the female reproductive organs, also known as Yoni.

The practice is aimed towards the entire area of the female reproductive organs; the uterus, ovaries, vagina, labia, perineum, pelvic floor and sacrum. During this workshop we focus our attention on this area and practice the strengthening and relaxing of the pelvic floor. We also use dance and movement as a way to cultivate feminine energy, and include Yogic dance, shaking, breathwork and meditation. Often it is combined with breathing practices to deepen our awareness and feel more connected with our own base. 


Because you know it's all about the base, 'bout that base, no trouble. 

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